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Content Strategy: Two Key Take Outs

Stay focused and don’t wait for the finished product – two key take-outs when it comes to content strategy

Julia Heitmann shares her experience of Content Strategy for the Web

People Management in Publishing

Many of the ideas introduced in the course will be immediately available to me

Sophie Jaques experiences Getting to Grips with People Management in Publishing  

Introduction to Editorial Skills: Course Review

I gained a sense of the size of the task of copy-editing and proofreading and how the only way to get better is to practise.

Jennifer Morris, Editorial Assistant, shares her experience of Introduction to Editorial Skills.

A copywriting course that taught me how ordinary words can do the most extraordinary things.

Poppy Emerson discovers how to communicate with her target audience in a more focused, fast and efficient manner.

I was given the opportunity by my work to complete a copywriting course in London and without hesitation I leapt at the idea. The PTC promised a course that was jam-packed with useful tips and plenty of advice to send us well on our way to becoming competent copywriters.

A great addition to my skill set

Sara Haveron tells us about her experience of Editorial Project Management

Having been Staff Editor of Paediatric Care Online, at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, for only 6 months I saw this course and thought it would be a great addition to my skill set and increase my knowledge around editorial processes and general management.

Getting to Grips with People Management in Publishing

Lauren Newby of The History Press reports on her experience of the course.

The course title sounded promising to a relatively new manager, and when the programme for the two days arrived it didn’t disappoint… that the course was specifically designed for publishing professionals and taught by people with many years’ experience in publishing really stood out.

Advancing your proofreading

Daniel Bowen of Crown House shares his experience of PTC’s Advanced Proofreading course.

A “Distinction” graduate of Basic Proofreading found that this one-day face-to-face course was just right for him.

Upskilling with Advanced Proofreading

An experienced proofreader shares her experience of PTC’s one-day Advanced Proofreading course.

I was looking to gain 3 things from the PTC’s Advanced Proofreading course...
...This comprehensive course ticked all three (of these) boxes for me, and many more

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