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Self-study courses

Whether it is gaining a professional qualification in proofreading, copy-editing or copywriting, or building on your current editorial skill set, there is likely to be a PTC self-study course for you.

Choose from two styles of self-study: tutor-guided, distance-learning courses or e-learning modules. Each has its own way of helping you learn – and you can study from home, or any convenient location, at your own pace. Find out more below.

Distance-learning courses

The PTC’s distance-learning courses aim to equip you for a role as a qualified proofreader, copy-editor or copywriter, either working in-house or freelance. Courses include extensive exercises and assessed assignments, covering all aspects of the work and challenges you may face in the real world, so that you will feel confident and competent when you come to apply what you have learned.

Over the 12−18 months of study, each student has the support of a personal tutor. Essential Proofreading, Essential Copy-Editing and Creative Copywriting for Publishers are fully assessed and lead to the award of a certificate of achievement from the Publishing Qualifications Board (PQB).

The PQB is a subsidiary of the PTC. PQB and the PTC are recognised training and certification bodies within the publishing industry.

e-Learning modules

The PTC’s e-learning modules are short, online courses, designed to give you insights into specific topics that you may encounter and need to know about during your publishing career.

Each module will build your skills in a particular area, for example, interacting with authors, handling copyright, or editing illustrations. Most of the modules are for editors at different stages of their careers. Others are for those working in marketing or rights, along with a popular introduction to the world of publishing for anyone thinking of entering the profession or who would like to know more about the industry and how it operates.

Each course is broken down into units for easy study and information retention. Many have quizzes and tests at the end of each unit, to reinforce your learning and test your knowledge. Study time varies from 23 hours for the shortest courses to 810 for the longest. Regularly updated, these modules will help you become more expert and confident in the areas you choose to study.

The PTCs e-learning modules were developed with the support of the Unwin Charitable Trust.