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Self-Study with the Publishing Training Centre

Take responsibility for your professional development by building your publishing skills and knowledge with a distance learning course from the PTC.

Whether it is gaining a professional qualification in proofreading, copy-editing or copywriting, or building on your current editorial skill set, there is likely to be a PTC Self-Study course for you.
The PTC offers two styles of Self-Study: Tutor-Guided Courses and e-Learning Modules. Each has its own way of helping you learn.

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Over the 12 months of study on a Tutor-Guided Course each student has the support of a personal tutor. In the case of Basic Proofreading, Essential Copy-Editing and Creative Copywriting, the courses are fully assessed and lead to the award of a certificate of achievement from the Publishing Qualification Board (PQB).

The PQB is a subsidiary of the PTC. PQB/PTC are the publishing industry’s recognised training and certification bodies.



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Our core programme of e-Learning Modules are concentrated, online courses that focus on specialist topics relevant to an editor's working life. They are designed to build on a foundation of existing skills and experience. Typically access to e-Learning Modules is for eight months. In addition, we are developing a programme of “introductory” modules that are intended to make sure everyone new to the world of publishing understands key aspects of the industry.  PTCs e-Learning Modules were developed with the support of the Unwin Charitable Trust.



e-Learning Modules (15)

A Commissioning Editor's Guide to Working with Authors

A module for new commissioning editors who want to get the best from their author relationships.

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A Copy-Editor's Guide to Working with Authors

Understand and prepare for the ways in which your relationship with an author will develop and change throughout the lifespan of a project.

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A Copy-Editor's Guide to Working with Typesetters

Gain an understanding of how layout and typesetting is carried out, and how to mark up and prepare typescripts to help typesetters – and avoid hindering them.

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Adobe Tools for Editors

Acquire the skills needed to work efficiently with PDFs.

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Author Queries

Learn how to manage and communicate the detail of your copy-editing so that you create a positive relationship with your author.

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Copyright Essentials

Know how to acquire and protect the content you need to be a successful publisher.

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Editing Fiction

Expand your copy-editing practice to include fiction.

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Editing Illustrations

Understand how to process and mark up drawings for a publication.

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Editing References

Upgrade your editing skills with this e-Learning Module focused on the three main systems of including references for cited work.

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Editorial Style

Understand the power of editorial and house style for executing effective copy-editing.

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Essential Editorial Project Management

Learn how to guide a publication through its production, whether print or electronic, by using appropriate tools and approaches to track the project and keep those involved informed.

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Introduction to Marketing

An introduction to the roles, functions and terminology involved with marketing in the publishing industry.

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Introduction to Publishing

An introduction to the departments, roles, functions and processes that make up the UK book and journal publishing industry.

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What is Copy-Editing?

An introduction to the work of a copy-editor, where it fits in to the publishing process and different ways of working.

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What is Proofreading?

An introduction to the work of a proofreader, whether dealing with books and journals or company reports and brochures.

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Tutor-Guided Courses (5)

Essential Proofreading: Editorial Skills One

Five reasons to choose Essential Proofreading

    1. Learn to proofread in the way that clients want it done, on screen or on paper 
    2. Cover the requirements of the wider business world and working with independent (self-publishing) authors, as well as in the publishing industry
    3. Have the support of a personal tutor at every stage of assessment
    4. Learn and practise with 30 self-check exercises and five tutor-assessed assignments
    5. Benefit from the most widely recognised industry qualification

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Essential Copy-Editing: Editorial Skills Two

 Five reasons to choose Essential Copy-Editing

  1. Benefit from the most widely recognised industry qualification
  2. Comprehensive coverage of the whole range of copy-editing skills 
  3. Have the support of a personal tutor at every stage of assessment
  4. Learn and practise with 36 self-check exercises and 7 tutor-assessed assignments
  5. Practise on a wide range of content types to prepare you for anything your career may bring

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Essential Grammar

A comprehensive online grammar course that you can work through at your own pace.

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Successful Editorial Freelancing

  • This course will help you to set up an editorial freelancing business.
  • Your tutor will give you individual feedback on your business plan.

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Creative Copywriting for Publishers

Creative Copywriting will give you all the tools you need to have a successful career in copywriting. Through a combination of expert guidance, varied practical activities and tutor-marked assignments, this course will show you how to connect with potential customers, overcome any doubts they might have and ultimately win them over.

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