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Can a training course help in finding a job?

Alice Gordge experienced PTCs Introduction to Editorial Skills

Breaking into the publishing industry can be a daunting feat, particularly for recent graduates or those new to the business. In this competitive job market, it can be difficult to know where to begin, what experience you need and what you should expect from a career in publishing.

Small publishers offer big horizons.

Sarah Braybrooke of Scribe extols the virtues of a small company

There are fleeting moments when working for a small publisher can feel like a disadvantage...

Working in digital publishing

Amy Durant, Publishing Director of Endeavour Press shares some thoughts

Building a career directly in digital publishing has given me a lot of insight on how the publishing industry is progressing; what the future is likely to hold; and the ways the market is shifting for authors and readers

Why web pages work

A participant at the most recent Writing and Editing for the Web course shares their thoughts…

“Are your ‘cognitive burdens’ getting in the way of how you read on a screen? Do you manage to scroll past the ‘fold’ before succumbing to ‘text-neck’ and ‘iPad hand’? Is the report you’re reading loaded with ‘dirty magnets’? 


Practise makes Pitch Perfect

Amy Feldman, Editor at the National Trust reports back from Pitch Doctor

"Of all the training courses I’ve been on, Pitch Doctor is the one I looked forward to least."

So what is "content strategy"?

Hayley Wood, an Editor at Springer Healthcare, reports back.

"Essentially, I feel that this course would be a worthwhile experience for anyone working with, or responsible for, online content"

Another Good Word for Editing in Word

Jenny Page, an experienced freelance editor shares her experience of the one-day Editing in Word course

The aim of the course was to get you digging into the capabilities of the Word software program that you don’t normally use, enabling you to produce an edited document that, back in-house, can be easily transformed into multi-platform products.

Demystifying content strategy for the web

Gill Box-Grainger was a delegate on the most recent outing of Content Strategy for the Web

Put into context, content strategy for the web involves much more than a visually appealing website. It is about ensuring that your business objectives are balanced with your user needs. If your business goals aren’t defined, you won’t sell your product; and if your users can’t find what they want, they will leave.

Could you proofread an exam script?

This is how Cambridge Assessment train their staff to do so…

Amanda Chisholm, Senior Assessment Manager at Cambridge Assessment for 11 years, talks abut making sure the team have all the skills they need to excel.

How can Self-Study by distance learning help you?

Download our free PTC Guide to find out.

It seems pretty fitting to be writing a blog about self-study courses in January, the month of resolutions, new starts, and goal setting. And what could be better than taking those first tentative steps towards a new career? Our free PTC Guide can help.

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