Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A delegate's view of the PTC's Rewriting and Substantive Editing

Shanon Rademacher shares her experience of the course

shanon cropped 250Last November, I was lucky enough to be put on the Rewriting and Substantive Editing Course provided by the PTC. The course was fantastic, the PTC took great care of us and Andrew, the course leader, was brilliant at explaining the different strategies of how to approach a piece of writing for a more substantial edit.

The course involved both some initial build-up of theoretical knowledge and more practical examples, which we could get our teeth into in the form of group discussion, in pairs or on our own.

Andrew taught us where to start editing a piece of writing that needs attention in multiple areas, as well as strategies of how to approach each area in a structured way. We also learnt how to cut overly long text most effectively.

In addition, we discussed how to best give feedback to a writer without disheartening them, which was particularly valuable.

Throughout the course, Andrew was great at giving practical advice and down-to-earth examples that the course participants could relate to easily.

The course has certainly been valuable to me in my daily work since I’ve been on it, and I’d recommend it to anyone who regularly finds themselves needing to do a lot of editing on a piece of writing. It will be especially useful to those who work with first-time authors.

Shanon Rademacher was a delegate on Rewriting and Substantive Editing that ran in July 2017

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