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    BP articleBasic Proofreading: Editorial Skills One

    The only in-depth training course that takes you from complete beginner to PTC / PQB-qualified proofreader in one step.

    What is proofreading?

    Proofreading is the process of checking written materials for errors before they are published. These materials may include books, magazines, blogs, websites, brochures, journals and official documents.

    Basic Proofreading is designed to give you the skill, judgement and understanding of the publishing process that you will need to be a successful proofreader. The course includes extensive practice opportunities and exposure to a wide variety of materials and practical methods. 

    Five reasons to choose Basic Proofreading

    1. Learn to proofread in the way that clients want it done, on screen or on paper
    2. Cover the requirements of the wider business world as well as publishing
    3. Have the support of a personal tutor at every stage of assessment
    4. Learn and practise with 36 self-check exercises
    5. Benefit from the most widely recognised industry qualification

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