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The PTC's e-learning modules are short, online courses designed to give you insights into specific topics that you may encounter and need to know about during your publishing career.

Competitively priced, you can purchase individual modules from only £35, or the full set of 15 for the discounted price of £199. Click here to find out more.

Each course is broken down into units for easy study and information retention. Many have quizzes and tests at the end of each unit, to reinforce your learning and test your knowledge. Study time varies from 2–3 hours for the shortest courses to 8–10 hours for the longest.

The aim of each module is to build your skills in a particular area, for example interacting with authors, handling copyright, or editing illustrations. Most of the modules are for editors at different stages of their careers. Others are for those working in marketing or rights, along with a popular introduction to the world of publishing for anyone thinking of entering the profession or who would like to know more about the industry and how it operates.

Regularly updated, these modules will help you become more expert and confident in the areas you choose to study.


A commissioning editor's guide to working with authors

  • A module for new commissioning editors who want to get the best from their author relationships.

A comprehensive guide to copy-editing

  • An introduction to the work of a copy-editor, where it fits in to the publishing process and different ways of working.

A copy-editor's guide to working with authors

  • Understand and prepare for the ways in which your relationship with an author will develop and change throughout the lifespan of a project.

An editor's guide to author queries

  • Learn how to manage and communicate the detail of your copy-editing so that you create a positive relationship with your author.

An editor's guide to editing fiction

  • Expand your copy-editing practice to include fiction.

An editor's guide to editing illustrations

  • Understand how to process and mark up drawings for a publication.

An editor's guide to editing references

  • Upgrade your editing skills with this e-Learning Module focused on the three main systems of including references for cited work.

An editor's guide to editorial style

  • Understand the power of editorial and house style for executing effective copy-editing.

An editor's guide to working with typesetters

  • Gain an understanding of how layout and typesetting is carried out, and how to mark up and prepare typescripts to help typesetters – and avoid hindering them.

An introduction to marketing

  • An introduction to the roles, functions and terminology involved with marketing in the publishing industry.

An introduction to proofreading

  • An introduction to the work of a proofreader, whether dealing with books and journals or company reports and brochures.

An introduction to publishing

  • An introduction to the departments, roles, functions and processes that make up the UK book and journal publishing industry.

Essential copyright for publishers

  • Know how to acquire and protect the content you need to be a successful publisher.

Essential editorial project management

  • Learn how to guide a publication through its production, whether print or electronic, by using appropriate tools and approaches to track the project and keep those involved informed.

Proofreading PDFs: A complete guide for editors

  • Acquire the skills needed to work efficiently with PDFs.