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Maintaining high standards in publishing

The PTC’s Freelance Finder is an online directory
that gives publishers, and other organisations, access
to qualified freelancers who have successfully
completed one or more of the following tutor-guided,
self-study courses:

  • Essential Proofreading
  • Essential Copy-Editing
  • Creative Copywriting for Publishers

The directory also includes those who have successfully
completed older self-study courses, which no longer run
or have been replaced by one of the above:

  • Basic editing
  • Basic proofreading (up to version 5)
  • Copy-Editing (by Distance Learning)
  • Picture Research

Everyone in the Freelance Finder has been trained to a high standard, and their abilities have been rigorously assessed. So, you can be confident of finding an expert in their field.

How to search

To search the directory, type in a specific area of work, such as ‘proofreading’, in the relevant field(s) below. Or enter your own
criteria to search a wider range of fields. For example, you might require a specific area of expertise (such as medical or
legal), or members of a particular organisation (e.g., the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders).

Start searching for your best-fit, qualified freelancer.

If you have any queries about using the Freelance Finder, please contact us at
or telephone 020 8874 2718.

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