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Project Management Tools for All

An experienced editor reports on the course

When the PTC announced their new project management course I decided to attend because editorial project management has been one of the services I offer for over 10 years, and the prospect of learning about new techniques appealed greatly.

Reflections on the publishing industry today

Abiola Bello, a Trailblazer winner in 2018, shares her current view of things

"The Trailblazer Award is important because it shows the industry that young people are very aware of the industry and are taking steps to change it for the better."

Introduction to Editorial Skills - a delegate's viewpoint

Early in her career in publishing Lana participated in the two-day Introduction to Editorial Skills

"Working in publishing we become so accustomed to the way that our company copy-edits and proofreads that we forget the skills that are universally implemented, and this course reminds us of these universal techniques.”

What being a commissioning editor involves

Phoebe Morgan, a 2018 Trailblazer Award winner, shares her take on being an editor.

I feel very lucky to do what I love – it’s so much fun getting to read for a living and bringing new books into readers’ hands. I’m very proud of the Avon list and know how hard the whole team works to get a book onto the shelves (or virtual shelves) – there’s an awful lot that goes on behind the scenes and I find it a really fascinating process.

Print Futures Awards 2018

Print Futures Awards offer grants of up to £1,500 to help individuals to progress within their career

Since 2003, the Printing Charity has been running the annual Print Futures Awards programme as part of its educational activities to champion new and emerging talent into the vibrant industry it supports.

A delegate's view of the PTC's Rewriting and Substantive Editing

Shanon Rademacher shares her experience of the course

The course has certainly been valuable to me in my daily work since I’ve been on it, and I’d recommend it to anyone who regularly finds themselves needing to do a lot of editing on a piece of writing.

Why take PTC's Basic Proofreading course?

Lisa de Caux, a recent graduate, shares her thoughts

Changing career can be an unnerving prospect. How can you help reduce the trepidation? For me, market-leading training was absolutely critical.

Negotiating for a win-win outcome

Valerie Fawcett shares her thoughts about this key skill

Negotiating is something we have to do all the time if we are to get the job done and maintain good relationships.

Progress in Editorial Skills: training for a career change

In some ways, the life of a Civil Servant is similar to being a copy-editor and proof-reader rolled into one

Having participated in the PTC course Introduction to Editorial Skills in July, this delegate experienced Progress in Editorial Skills just six months later.

More thoughts on Rewriting and Substantive Editing

Victoria Selwyn, a freelance French−English Translator, shares her experience

...I had a long shopping list of expectations, from checking whether I was doing the right sort of thing in my professional practice to gaining insights into voice and style.

International appreciation of Commissioning and List Management

Annette Kjølby, Commissioning Editor at Samfundslitteratur in Denmark, sums up her experience

Although the course focuses on publishing in the UK, it is also useful for editors abroad, since most of the topics are comparable and “translatable”... I...highly recommend that new commissioning editors join the course during their early years in the job, which would be most rewarding.

Annette Kjølby, commissioning editor, Samfundslitteratur, Denmark

Commissioning and List Management - a worthwhile experience

Helen Marsden of Hodder Education shares her thoughts

By the time I took the course I’d been an acting CE for about 8 months and in the four days we covered so many elements of the role of commissioning editor that it really helped strengthen my knowledge of the role...

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