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Negotiating for a win-win outcome

Valerie Fawcett shares her thoughts about this key skill

Negotiating is something we have to do all the time if we are to get the job done and maintain good relationships.

Progress in Editorial Skills: training for a career change

In some ways, the life of a Civil Servant is similar to being a copy-editor and proof-reader rolled into one

Having participated in the PTC course Introduction to Editorial Skills in July, this delegate experienced Progress in Editorial Skills just six months later.

More thoughts on Rewriting and Substantive Editing

Victoria Selwyn, a freelance French−English Translator, shares her experience

...I had a long shopping list of expectations, from checking whether I was doing the right sort of thing in my professional practice to gaining insights into voice and style.

International appreciation of Commissioning and List Management

Annette Kjølby, Commissioning Editor at Samfundslitteratur in Denmark, sums up her experience

Although the course focuses on publishing in the UK, it is also useful for editors abroad, since most of the topics are comparable and “translatable”... I...highly recommend that new commissioning editors join the course during their early years in the job, which would be most rewarding.

Annette Kjølby, commissioning editor, Samfundslitteratur, Denmark

Commissioning and List Management - a worthwhile experience

Helen Marsden of Hodder Education shares her thoughts

By the time I took the course I’d been an acting CE for about 8 months and in the four days we covered so many elements of the role of commissioning editor that it really helped strengthen my knowledge of the role...

Copyright - How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age

Laura Craddock reflects on PTCs course on copyright.

Copyright has always been one of those topics that left me feeling daunted...So, when the opportunity came up to attend the 1-day ‘Copyright - How to Get What you Need in the Digital Age’, I was happy to take it.

Everyone is in sales

A recent delegate shares their thoughts about presenting

...I know how important an impressive pitch can be in a publishing career, especially for someone just beginning to commission.

A Light in the Dark . . .

Holly Tonks, Commissioning Editor of Children’s Books at Tate Publishing, reflects on how children's literature fits into our world

Is it me, or does the world feel slightly out of control at the moment? On a daily basis we are inundated with articles about Brexit, maniacal world leaders, war-torn lands and sinking public services. Sometimes, I feel a bit useless and unable to make any substantial contribution . . . I mean I’m a Commissioning Editor for children’s books. What could I possibly do?

The Kim Scott Walwyn Prize 2017

Atop Carmelite House on London’s Victoria embankment, some of publishing’s best and brightest gathered in Hachette’s rooftop café and garden yesterday evening to hear the announcement of this year’s Kim Scott Walwyn Prize winner. 

A shout out to all small, independent publishers out there…

Alice Curry, short listed for the 2017 Kim Scott Walwyn Prize talks passion

Sometimes I wonder why I’m in publishing. The market is fickle, the margins are tiny, the infrastructure is impossibly opaque and I’m certainly not going to make my millions...

The importance of the Kim Scott Walwyn Prize

Helen Chapman, Designer at Templar Publishing, explains why she values the Kim Scot Walwyn Prize

...this would be my last year to apply for the KSW Prize so I got my references in and waited. I received the best rejection of my life when I got notified I didn’t make the short list. That might sound bizarre...

Writing and editing

I didn’t expect to be an editor – from about halfway through my undergrad degree, I was determined to be a Famous Author

Kesia Lupo, Editor at Chicken House shares her story about switching ambition from being a Famous Author to become an Editor

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