Friday, 27 October 2017

Copyright - How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age

Laura Craddock reflects on PTCs course on copyright.


Laura Craddock recently participated in PTCs new classroom course on copyright.

"Copyright has always been one of those topics that left me feeling daunted. Whilst the do’s and don’ts of certain issues seemed clear-cut and sometimes even obvious, others left me wading through pages of dense legal jargon, feeling more baffled and confused than when I’d started. So, when the opportunity came up to attend the 1-day ‘Copyright - How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age’, I was happy to take it.

"The tutor began the day with a general overview of the basics of copyright law and the legal issues that relate to it, such as intellectual property, defamation and data protection. Not only was this interesting, but immediately helped me feel more at ease with the subject and even helped dispel a few myths along the way.

"We next went on to look at exceptions and moral rights, data protection issues, contracts and the use of branding, social media and other online content. I hadn’t expected to come away an expert in the subject, but ended the day feeling reassured and with a greater understanding of the principles behind current procedures in my own workplace.

"All-in-all, this course provided a good grounding in helping begin to untangle the complexities copyright law. The materials were presented in a user-friendly manner with clear but detailed handouts, and the tutor answered questions from the group thoroughly. There is still a great deal to be learnt, but I feel I’ve gained the confidence to deal with issues as they arise, and the resources to look up anything I may need to confirm.

"A great beginner’s guide."

Laura was part of the inaugural launch of Copyright – How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age.


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