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Working with Authors

working with authors

The relationship between author and editor is critical for any publication’s success. Working with authors is one of the most challenging – and rewarding – aspects of publishing life. Not all authors are the same, and some require more support or encouragement than others.

This interactive, day-long workshop covers collaborating with, and getting the most out of, your authors. From new, inexperienced writers who are going through the publishing process for the first time, to more established (and perhaps intransigent) authors, this course will consider them all. It will provide you with advice and guidance on how to make the editing process as smooth as possible, from when an author is signed up to seeing their book in print – and beyond.

Please note that this course is suitable for those working in non-fiction, ideally academic, educational, professional and/or reference publishing.

Who is it for?

  • Editorial staff working in academic, educational, professional and/or reference publishing
  • Commissioning editors, publishers, publishing directors, desk editors, development editors, managing editors, editorial assistants – anyone who has direct contact with authors during the production of their work and needs to have good working relations with them
  • Anyone moving into a role working with authors for the first time


What will you achieve?

On completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • make communication effective and efficient
  • help authors deliver good content on time
  • tailor feedback so that it is constructive and well received
  • make working with authors of all kinds rewarding rather than stressful
  • exercise better judgement on what to let go, when to take charge, and when to be flexible


Session 1: Getting the best from your authors

  • What motivates your authors?
  • How can you handle those motivations to help them meet your objectives throughout?
  • What does your author need? New authors, experienced authors, busy authors

Session 2: Managing expectations and different communication styles

  • Pros and cons of different tools of communication
  • Managing author expectations and dealing with different personalities
  • The author journey: effective communication at each stage

Session 3: Managing the process

  • Giving good feedback: general principles
  • Editorial judgements: ‘silent’ edits; edit and explain; actual queries or proposals

 Session 4: Resolving problems

  • Dealing with common challenges: the tardy author, the unresponsive author, the unreceptive or ‘difficult’ author
  • Managing a team of authors
  • Proof-stage problems

Session 5: Maintaining a good relationship

  • Working with other departments
  • After publication: retaining good authors

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How to book

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Course format

In-person only, one full working day, including breaks