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A commissioning editor's guide to working with authors

A commissioning editor's guide to working with authors aims to help develop an Updated and expandedunderstanding of the distinction between ‘managing your authors’ and ‘working with them’.

It is important to know how to achieve prompt delivery of scripts not by cracking the whip, but by understanding authors’ motivations and the pressures of their own day jobs. It’s about learning what levers to pull, and being sensitive to individual circumstances, rather than being ruthless and demanding in achieving your own ends!

Course content

  1. Acquiring authors
  2. Briefing authors
  3. Maintaining communication
  4. The author relationship
  5. Project Management
  6. Post publication

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Learning outcomes

By completing this module you will gain a clearer understanding of:

  • authors' motivations
  • successful negotiation
  • better briefing
  • accurate feedback
  • mutual communication

How does the course work?

A commissioning editor's guide to working with authors has six units. Across the units there are exercises and model answers.

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This e-Learning Module was developed with the support of the Unwin Charitable Trust.



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