e-Learning modules

Get 15 e-learning modules for £199. Boost your publishing skills with our full range of e-learning modules, concentrated online courses that focus on specialist topics relevant to publishing life. From introductory to more specialised subjects, they are designed to build on the foundation of your existing skills and experience.

With individual modules costing between £30 and £100, this offer represents a massive saving on the usual cost of over £1,000. Once purchased, you will have 24 months to access the individual modules. See the full range of e-learning modules below:

  • A commissioning editor’s guide to working with authors
  • A copy-editor's guide to working with authors
  • An editor’s guide to working with typesetters
  • An editor's guide to author queries
  • An editor's guide to editing fiction
  • An editor's guide to editing references
  • Essential editorial project management
  • An introduction to publishing
  • An introduction to proofreading
  • Adobe Tools for Editors
  • Essential copyright for publishers
  • An editor's guide to editing illustrations
  • An editor's guide to editorial style
  • An introduction to marketing
  • A comprehensive guide to copy-editing

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