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Friday, 24 March 2017

How do you make the best of your website pages?

A participant of Writing for the Web course shares their thoughts…

LO blog“Are your ‘cognitive burdens’ getting in the way of how you read on a screen? Do you manage to scroll past the ‘fold’ before succumbing to ‘text-neck’ and ‘iPad hand’? Is the report you’re reading loaded with ‘dirty magnets’? 

Impress your friends and colleagues with your tech-savvy, digital dialogue newly-acquired from Writing for the Web

Sue Davis, the energetic and highly informative tutor, led our small group of eight through the many stages of creating effective content. Like letting readers ‘grab and go’ by boosting readability (lots of white space, text ranged left as people read ‘left-dominant’ on screen and avoiding capitals); and improving scannability by using short paragraphs and plenty of front-loaded subheads. Most importantly, we learned that you must come straight to the point if you want to avoid losing your readers too early.

A simple way to remember the key rules is to apply the ‘tapas’ style of web writing and editing – creating little pieces of easily digestible content. Signposting your text will help to get your message across and small sections are more inviting than hugely dense, closely-written paragraphs.

This one-day course covered a lot of information, guidance and tips in an engaging way which allowed the opportunity for interactive group activities and individual exercises to help consolidate understanding. Highly recommended for all those new to web content creation as well as those who have been writing and editing online for years."

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