Friday, 21 October 2016

What to do when your editorial brief just says “make it better”

Being an editor in the IT Services world, is no easy job

Hannah McCarthy works in IT Services and found Editorial Skills for Business just right for her…

“I work in an environment where the editorial process is important, but not always appreciated. Attending the PTC’s Editorial Skills for Business course gave me the chance to meet other professional writers and editors and share ideas. I work as a bid co-ordinator in the IT services industry, writing and producing client-facing tender documents to win projects. I am responsible for editing our designers’ technical content and making it clear for the reader, while ensuring it highlights our value as a company and the benefits we can bring to that particular client.

Our editorial brief often extends only to “make it better”, and while it is gratifying to be trusted to do just that, it helps both author and editor when there is more detailed information! This course gave me the confidence to assert the importance of a detailed brief to my colleagues, and comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only one who cared about the correct use of a semicolon! The informal nature of the day allowed for the free exchange of ideas between the delegates and the course leader, Caroline; she also tailored the content based on the experience of the room. I would highly recommend this course to those who already edit professionally, whether in a publishing environment or not, but who have had little formal training. It gives you the confidence to know you are on the right path!”

Hannah McCarthy

Visit the course page for more infomation and how to book Editorial Skills for Business 

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