Friday, 04 November 2016

So what is "content strategy"?

Hayley Wood, an Editor at Springer Healthcare, reports back.

“I found myself attending the Content Strategy for the Web course fairly last-minute, due to a colleague being unable to attend, so did not necessarily have major expectations from the day. I’d heard the term “content strategy” bandied around in various contexts without feeling like I really had a handle on what it meant or how it was relevant to my role, so one of my goals was simply to understand the term. It was something of a relief to hear Sue explain that it is used in lots of different ways: content strategy might be a physical document agreed at senior management level; an approach or way of thinking about the types of content published by an organization; or even just a Trello board!

“It was a packed day, starting with the definition of content strategy and how to produce good content, and moving onto the concepts of “agile” content, and content governance. I found that every section was highly relevant to the needs of the digital project on which I am currently working, even though myself and my colleagues were the only ones from a “traditional” publishing company. I’ve found diverse needs and experiences can be a barrier on other courses I’ve attended in the past, but on this course I felt like it really added to the learning experience, and contributed to some interesting case studies and discussions. Sue was an engaging trainer with an immense amount of experience and knowledge to draw upon, and more than equal to any question we put to her.

“Essentially, I feel that this course would be a worthwhile experience for anyone working with, or responsible for, online content, from an editor or copywriter to a senior manager seeking to understand the challenges and opportunities it offers.”

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