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Thursday, 06 December 2018

Rewriting and Substantive Editing: Strengthen confidence and gain new knowledge

Emma Lord blogI was spurred on to sign up for this course by a fellow translator and editor. It was exactly the sort of thing I was after as I have started doing more and more editing in my job and am also increasingly being asked to produce copy, so I wanted to make sure I had the right approach.

As the only English editor in my company, I don’t have anyone to compare views and share best practices with, so it’s important for me to go out and see what the rest of the world is doing from time to time. The English language evolves so fast that rules which used to apply change, and it’s important to keep up with these developments in order to meet clients’ expectations.

The purpose of the course was clearly explained and the day very stimulating and well structured. There was just the right balance between practical exercises and teaching from the eloquent and engaging tutor. I also enjoyed meeting the other people on the course who had a variety of interesting backgrounds and were all very friendly and open. I think we all benefited from our exchanges about our work and its challenges.

The course has strengthened my confidence at work and given me valuable knowledge that I can apply daily, in particular when it comes to tackling texts that are too long and communicating with the authors.

I would warmly recommend this course to anyone who wants an overview of how to improve any piece of writing.

Emma Lord, English Translator & Editor in Switzerland, attended Rewriting and Substantive Editing in November 2018.