Monday, 03 September 2018

Understanding the many facets of Editorial Project Management

"The PTC course was really great; Sarah Sodhi was fantastic, really engaging and a great course leader. We covered many different aspects of editorial project management, and it was great to hear different strategies on how to work more efficiently, and ways of managing our time, particularly with an educational focus.

"We covered the importance of excellent communication, from communicating with internal teams to writing a clear and effective brief. The course really thought about the role of an Editorial Project Manager, and how to work with colleagues who have different roles and responsibilities.

"The course was well structured, covering everything from budgeting and costs, to working effectively with a team and freelancers. We discussed the goals and objectives of a project, and it was particularly helpful to consider the importance of creating a realistic schedule, and planning contingency. We explored the importance of assessing risks, and Sarah suggested tools and tips to help us manage our projects. It was also interesting to meet people from different editorial backgrounds and to learn how different teams work, and how to improve our own workflows.

"Sarah provided real-life scenarios, and how to work around them, which was really helpful, and a great way to think about how to resolve different situations.

"I would highly recommend this course."

Laure attended Editorial Project Management in March 2018.

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