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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Break into publishing with the help of Introduction to Editorial Skills

Alice Gordge experienced PTCs Introduction to Editorial Skills

Alice Gordge PTC Blog Pic croppedBreaking into the publishing industry can be daunting, particularly for recent graduates or those new to the business. In this competitive job market, it can be difficult to know where to begin, what experience you need and what you should expect from a career in publishing. This is where The Publishing Training Centre’s Introduction to Editorial Skills steps in.

Working as a Publishing Assistant for the past year, I was itching to develop the basic editorial skills I had picked up along the way. I was excited to attend the PTC’s two-day course in London, hoping to meet delegates at a similar stage in their career to me. The course was structured in two parts, focusing on copy-editing on the first day and proof-reading on the second. This was helpful as it broke up the workload into digestible components and echoed the typical publishing workflow, making us think methodically and in the mind-set of a publisher.

The biggest advantage of the course is how well it adapts to the needs of each delegate – whether you’re a beginner or are looking to expand your skill set, this course tailors itself to your expectations. Across the two days, I matured my understanding of editorial practices and, upon returning to my job, feel much more confident proof-reading and copy-editing.

The skills I learnt will not only help me in my current role, but will be a valuable source of knowledge to carry throughout my career. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to those looking to launch their career in publishing and who want to learn the essential editorial skills from leading professionals in the industry.

Alice Gordge
Twitter – @alice_gordge

Introduction to Editorial Skills now runs as a monthly virtual course, across three sessions.