Editorial Project Management

Editorial_Project_Management_-_370390046.jpgThis practical course focuses on the skills needed to effectively manage both print and digital editorial projects. Using in-depth case studies, you will be taken through the practical tasks required for the job. You will be given tips and guidance on managing everyday issues, drawing on digital project management strategies and solutions where applicable.

By the end of the course, you will have gained skills and knowledge that you can use immediately. There will also be a range of checklists and spreadsheets to take away and use as tools in the future.


Editors, desk editors, project editors, production editors and managing editors who are responsible for the management of complete editorial projects.


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  • assess the scope, needs and risks of an editorial project
  • accurately estimate timings to produce a detailed and reliable schedule
  • create and maintain the project budget to ensure profitability
  • effectively manage and communicate with your team and other stakeholders.

  • The role of the editorial project manager
    • Tasks and skills
    • Print and digital workflow
    • Responsibilities
  • Understanding the project
    • Determine goals and objectives
    • Determine requirements
    • Determine resources
    • Assess risks
  • Examining the content
    • Assess structure and use of language
    • Calculate extent of main text and features
    • Consider format and digital blend
    • Review multimedia and functionality
  • Scheduling
    • Efficiency and critical path
    • Estimating time the Agile way
    • Scheduling tools and tips
  • Budgeting
    • Determining the costs
    • Assessing profitability
    • Planning contingency
    • Keeping to budget
  • Managing the team
    • Putting an effective team together
    • Communicating effectively
    • Creating briefs
    • Working with freelancers
    • Negotiating fees.
Sarah Sodhi

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Delegate feedback:

“The course fulfilled the objectives very well. I have a better understanding of the complexities of managing editorial projects. The teaching style was great, and the content was useful and presented in an interesting way. Sarah was really open, friendly and clearly very knowledgeable.”

Desk Editor, Schofield and Sims

“The course was very useful and definitely worth my time. The scheduling part will be very beneficial and I'm going to use some of the spreadsheet functions we learnt about.”

Assistant Editor

“I enjoyed the course very much and understand the scope of my role more. Sarah is a great instructor!”

Desk Editor, Rising Stars

“I enjoyed it very much. The tutor had an excellent teaching style: she was friendly, encouraging and led an engaging, thorough course.”

Desk Editor, Schofield and Sims

“I've been eulogising about what a good course it was since arriving back at work. The other delegates were engaged and we worked well together, which brought other perspectives to the editorial project management role. Sarah is a tremendous trainer, who kept things moving but allowed us time to discuss the things we'd learned. She learned her trade through hard-earned experience, which brought authority to her teaching.”

AXELOS delegate

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