ALPSP: Disruption, Innovation and Creativity: How to generate and implement new ideas in scholarly publishing

The rate of innovation in scholarly publishing is accelerating. Researchers need new services for a changing environment and technology now provides a multitude of options to help. But where do you start, what should you do to respond and how can you successfully implement innovative new ideas within your company?

This course will allow delegates to reflect on a changing publishing landscape and understand wider drivers of change. Participants will discuss how to scope out and identify what the community really needs, choose new tools and approaches to generate new ideas, understand how to validate these ideas with the audience, and engage with stakeholders and colleagues to build support for new innovations.

Case studies and interactive exercises will demonstrate new agile ways to test assumptions, adapt and revise concepts allowing you to identify the best way to implement change and deliver successful new products.

Who will benefit from this course?

The course is suitable for those working in product development or management with responsibility for owning, developing or directing the strategic vision for a list or product group area, typically at manager level or above. An undertanding of scholarly publishing and the wider community is assumed.

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Learn how to…

Understand, research and articulate the need for innovation in your company. Consider the different options for innovation open to you and drive these forward within your organization. Use new tools and techniques apart from traditional brainstorming to effectively generate ideas. See these through to leads, scoping, refinement and implementation.



  • Introduction: publishing today
  • What is innovation? Incremental versus disruptive and testing what’s real and what’s not
  • Practical application of creative techniques including boundary analysis and reversal
  • Interactive role and game play exercises
  • How to apply techniques for success
  • Validation techniques for success with stakeholders
  • Implementation and the agile mind set.


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A one-day course
An ALPSP course


  • 04 October 2017

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To enrol on this course follow this link to the ALPSP website

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