Professional and Peer Networks: A practical approach

Building and Managing Professional and Peer Networks and Communities of Practice


Discover the potential associated with reader communities; learn how to curate, moderate and facilitate communities and networks.
The wholesale adoption of digital services and social media has transformed the way in which readers can interact with publishers, authors and with each other. Social, peer and professional networks and communities of practice represent an opportunity for publishers to interact with their market in new ways. What are the processes and skills associated with managing and sustaining successful networks and communities? 

If you are still looking to develop your community engagement strategy, you might be interested in Professional and Peer Networks: Strategic Choices.

Who will benefit from this course?

Marketing and editorial staff in Scholarly, Professional and STM publishing organisations, responsible for managing networks and communities.

You are the ideal candidate if your organization already manages networks and communities but who is new to the process. Or perhaps someone now tasked with adding network or community management to their existing portfolio of activities, as their company launches one or more communities.

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Learn how to…

  • Identify the opportunities, value and challenges for specialist, reference and non-fiction publishing associated with communities
  • Understand the make-up and the nature of the communities and networks you serve
  • Learn and practise the skills associated with network and community moderation and facilitation
  • Create a community facilitation action plan
  • Start measuring your success

This course contributes to PUB 1 of the Book & Journal Publishing National Occupational Standards.


Mapping Your Author’s Footprint
Building Your Network Landscape
A Visit to Borough Market
Facilitation Processes
Action Planning
Success Measures

Course Director

Jonathan Norman




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Delegate feedback

Jonathan is an excellent discussion facilitator... he used a variety of media (handouts, videos, live demonstrations on the web) to introduce ideas and to show us how they can be applied. I was a bit worried that the day would feel very long, but it absolutely didn't - the amount of discussion, of things both specific to individuals in the group and more general on the topic, was really great. Jonathan is fantastic at extrapolating peoples' specific concerns/goals into something that can be useful for everyone - even me, who doesn't work in specialist or reference publishing and who doesn't manage a forum or portal for professionals! 

Faber delegate, 2017

It was a very useful course and made me realise the real opportunity to be had in this important area. I particularly gained from the mapping exercise, the strategic plan (which I will develop further) and the great facilitation tips.

Elsevier delegate, 2017

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