Writing for the Web

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The web writer’s role is crucial in creating readable, useful and findable web content that enables readers to complete their web tasks quickly and painlessly.

Now fully revised and condensed to a one-day course, Writing for the Web provides the essential guidance and techniques to make the most impact.

[Previously titled 'Writing and Editing for the Web']

Anyone who creates or has responsibility for web content, including content designers, editors, writers, bloggers, business owners, and publicity and marketing staff.


Enrol on this course

  • exploit how people read on the web to write content people can act on
  • use plain English techniques to write more active, clear and concise copy
  • organise and structure content for online readers
  • write web content that is shareable across social media and easy to find on search engines
  • develop a site that reaches readers before they reach for the back button.
  • Understanding online readers
    • The latest research on how people read and use web content
    • Implications for your text
  • Planning
    • What does your audience need?
    • What are your goals?
  • Principles of web writing
    • Inverted pyramids
    • Signposting
    • Readable and scannable sentences and paragraphs
    • Simplifying and shortening
    • Choosing the right words
    • Effective lists
    • Layering and non-linear content
    • Links and calls-to-action
    • Accessibility
  • Writing to be found
    • Search engine optimisation for web writers
  • Writing for social media
  • Keeping standards
    • Quality control
    • Evaluating content
    • Style guides
    • Common errors
    • Proofreading


Sue Davis


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Delegate feedback:

“Great course. Would thoroughly recommend. I’ve gained a good understanding of how users read websites, plus some really good tips for SEO.”  Project Editor

“I took the course because I'd had no formal training and I did not feel confident 'winging' it. Now I feel confident that what I have been doing is right. I learnt how not use 'learn more' or 'read more' in links and to use more bullets in text for more scannable reading. Sue looked at my website, as a result of which, I've re-jigged, so thank you!”  Copy-editor, proofreader and copywriter, Esteemed Editing

“I really enjoyed the course. The pacing was just right, and it felt informal and relaxed while still being informative. An immediate benefit is the checklist to use when looking over the new, but not yet launched, website.”  Alumni Relations Officer (Publications), St John’s College, Cambridge

“I liked the mix of discussions/shout-outs and individual exercises. The amount of content covered in the course was also well-judged. It reinforced what I already knew, gave me some principles to hang those on, and plugged some gaps with new knowledge.”  Proofreading student

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