Writing for the Web

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The web writer’s role is crucial in creating readable, useful and findable web content that enables readers to complete their web tasks quickly and painlessly.

Now fully revised and condensed to a one-day course, Writing for the Web provides the essential guidance and techniques to make the most impact.

[Previously titled 'Writing and Editing for the Web']

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone who creates or has responsibility for web content, including content designers, editors, writers, bloggers, business owners, and publicity and marketing staff.


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Learn how to…

  • exploit how people read on the web to write content people can act on
  • use plain English techniques to write more active, clear and concise copy
  • organise and structure content for online readers
  • write web content that is shareable across social media and easy to find on search engines
  • develop a site that reaches readers before they reach for the back button.


  • Understanding online readers
    • The latest research on how people read and use web content
    • Implications for your text
  • Planning
    • What does your audience need?
    • What are your goals?
  • Principles of web writing
    • Inverted pyramids
    • Signposting
    • Readable and scannable sentences and paragraphs
    • Simplifying and shortening
    • Choosing the right words
    • Effective lists
    • Layering and non-linear content
    • Links and calls-to-action
    • Accessibility
  • Writing to be found
    • Search engine optimisation for web writers
  • Writing for social media
  • Keeping standards
    • Quality control
    • Evaluating content
    • Style guides
    • Common errors
    • Proofreading




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Note that most of our short courses can also be run as In-Company events.

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Delegate feedback:

“It all went very well and Sue was really engaging. Immediately I was able to write clearer and more concisely. Which has really helped with my work!”

Digital Editorial Assistant, AQA

“The course was really useful and I enjoyed the interactive elements (such as rewriting headlines). Sue was really knowledgeable on each aspect of the course.”

School Marketing Officer, University of Reading

“The teaching style and content were very good. I have applied knowledge from the course when writing tweets for the scientific journal I work for.”

Editorial Assistant, Johnson Matthey

“The course was fantastic and I can’t suggest any improvements. I now have more confidence and understand my goals. Sue was a wonderful tutor and it was a good group size and venue.”  

Engagement Manager, Comma Press

"I thought Sue had a great teaching style. It was one of the best courses I've been on."

IDS Delegate

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