Negotiating for a Win-Win Outcome

Negotiating_for_a_WW_Situation_-_370382930.jpgSuccessful publishing is largely built on successful negotiations: between author and editor, agent and publisher, production manager and suppliers and members of the publishing team. This means that negotiations between these people need to have outcomes which give both parties what they need and maintain the ongoing relationships. 

Successful negotiating requires an understanding of the structure negotiations take, the behaviours which work best and the ways you can build your own power and credibility to get the outcome you need. 

Publishers, managing and commissioning editors, junior editors, production and design staff and anyone who needs to negotiate with others in-house or outside.


Enrol on this course

  • Prepare for the different stages of a negotiation
  • Make use of the other person’s motivations and needs
  • Use assertive behaviour in negotiating
  • Assess and build your negotiating authority and power
  • Introduction to the process of win-win negotiating
    • Group negotiating activity
    • Motivation and needs in negotiating
  • Thoughts and feelings and how they affect negotiating
    • Using assertive behaviour
  • Power and authority in negotiating
    • Building your credibility
    • Methods of communication
    • Features and benefits
  • Negotiating Practice
    • Rehearse negotiating using your own scenarios or those provided
    • Discussion and feedback
    • Summary and key learning points
Valerie Fawcett Negotiating for a win-win outcome Please read our Terms & Conditions
A one-day course
Please contact us to arrange an in-company session

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

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“I learned about the value of assertive behavior and the course delivered on all expectations. It is always really interesting to meet fellow delegates and gain from their experiences.”

Managing Editor, BSAVA

 As a complete newcomer to learning about negotiation, this was a productive and worthwhile session. The tutor skillfully tailored the examples and exercises to our specific needs. I would highly recommend it to anyone working in publishing across all departments.”

Commissioning Editor, Edinburgh University Press

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