Advanced Proofreading

 Advanced_Proofreading_-_318060557.jpgA practical course for those who want to apply existing proofreading skills to challenging texts.

You'll learn strategies for decision-making, how to carry through changes consistently, and how to deal with authors and finish jobs to a high standard, without compromising budget or schedule.

These skills are transferable to all publishing contexts, print and digital.

Editors, proofreaders and editorial project managers who have some proofreading experience and want to know how to get the most out of the proof stage of a project while still staying within budget and schedule.


Enrol on this course

  • plan a book-length proofread and carry it out thoroughly
  • decide what to change and what to leave alone
  • employ strategies for checking and cross-checking (as opposed to reading)
  • deal with the author at the proof stage.
  • Reading proofs set from electronic files
    • The proofreader’s responsibilities
  • Planning the proofread
    • Balancing the needs of the material with the budget and schedule
  • Typical errors and how to deal with them
    • Corruption of text
    • Missing material
    • Typography and layout
    • Position of figures and directionals
    • Running heads
  • Editing on proof and its knock-on effects
    • Fact-checking
    • Improving poor grammar and writing
    • Post-hoc standardisation of editorial style
  • Collating the author’s corrections
  • The index
  • Checking and cross-checking
    • Design consistency
    • Contents vs chapter openings vs running heads
    • List of figures vs captions on the page
    • Cross-reference pointers vs targets
    • Author–date references vs bibliographical list
    • Number sequences
    • Capitalisation of headings
    • Line-end hyphenation.
Rosemary Roberts


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Our short courses are run at a variety of venues in Central London. Information and directions can be found on our Contact Us page. Please check your Joining Instructions for your specific course venue.

Note that most of our short courses can also be run as In-Company events.

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Delegate feedback:

“I enjoyed the course enormously! The tutor gave a comprehensive picture of the whole process, from delegating to colleagues, to working with the author at advanced stages of production. This was extremely valuable to me as a copy-editor who often has to see the book through up to revises. The course widened my perspective, which was the main objective for me."

Copy-editor, Cantab

“I'm encouraged that I'm broadly doing OK at the moment, and I've learned tips to help me speed up and work more efficiently, which was my main goal of the day. Rosemary's delivery was calm, measured and assured, and she addressed everything on my wishlist.”

Royal National Lifeboat Institution delegate

“It was an excellent course with a thorough and knowledgeable tutor. I have achieved a better planning of the proofread and consolidation of the knowledge I already had, and have gained ideas of how to do things better.”


“The course was excellent and Rosemary a fantastic tutor. I found the tips on tackling large projects very useful. I also liked the fact that we didn't cover actual proofreading tips (ie how to spot a typo), which I was half expecting - instead, we delved straight into the more complicated and challenging aspects, which is what I wanted.”

Editor, BPP

“I enjoyed the course. The tutor was very informed and helpful, and it was interesting to hear of the other attendees' workflows and practices in their own workplaces.”

Crown House delegate

“Yes, I enjoyed the course! I also met some fantastic peers who I am still keeping in touch with as industry pen-pals.”

British Library delegate

“Rosemary was efficient, direct, responsive, and lead a well-structured and enjoyable course. The handouts were very useful!”

Rusi delegate

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I struggle to see how it could be improved. The day flew by! The course was interesting and the majority of the content was directly relevant to my current role. I came away feeling energised, enthusiastic and keen to apply the techniques learnt. Thank you, Rosemary.”

In-house Proofreader

"An all-round great experience. Thank you!"
Christian Education delegate

"I really enjoyed the course and found it useful. It was a very engaging day and there was a great mixture of individual/group activities and discussions."
OUP delegate

"I thought Rosemary was a great tutor -- very welcoming, approachable and she kept to the schedule so we got to complete the programme. The programme itself had lots of variety, and the exercises were testing, which was a great learning tool."
Freelance delegate

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