Negotiating for a Win-Win Outcome

Successful publishing is largely built on successful negotiations: between author and editor, agent and publisher, production manager and suppliers, members of the publishing team. This means that negotiations between these people need to have outcomes which give both parties what they need and maintain the ongoing relationships.  Successful negotiating requires an understanding of the structure negotiations take, the behaviours which work best and the ways you can build your own power and credibility to get the outcome you need. 

Who will benefit from this course?

Publishers, managing and commissioning editors, junior editors, production and design staff and anyone who needs to negotiate with others in-house or outside.


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Learn how to…

  • Prepare for the different stages of a negotiation
  • Make use of the other person’s motivations and needs
  • Use assertive behaviour in negotiating
  • Assess and build your negotiating authority and power

This course contributes to PUB 2, 3, 4, and 13 of the Book & Journal Publishing National Occupational Standards.


Introduction to the process of win-win negotiating
Group negotiating activity
Motivation and needs in negotiating
Thoughts and feelings and how they affect negotiating
Using assertive behaviour
Power and authority in negotiating
Building your credibility
Methods of communication
Features and benefits
Negotiating Practice
Rehearse negotiating using your own scenarios or those provided
Discussion and feedback
Summary and key learning points

Course Director

Valerie Fawcett

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A one-day course
Launching in 2018


  • 22 May 2018


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