Copywriting for Publishers


Two women studyingExplore when, where and how smart copywriting can boost the performance of your book marketing projects.

If you work in publishing, you are already familiar with the power of words. This one-day, intensive workshop shows you how to harness that power to create copy that inspires, persuades and sells. You'll be provided with practical tools to complement your writing skills and further develop your expertise.

Whether you have to write advance information sheets, catalogue entries, back-cover blurbs or taglines, direct-marketing letters, newsletters or website content, this course can make a significant difference.


Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone working in publishing and related areas who has to convey key messages through the written word.


Enrol on this course

Learn how to…

  • write copy that connects with your readers
  • exploit powerful techniques used by top professionals
  • apply these techniques to a range of copywriting tasks.


  • Developing your copywriter’s mindset
  • Making the right connections
  • Connecting with your readers
  • Focusing on what matters
  • Boosting readability
  • Finding the right words
  • Human nature and other connecting points
  • Taglines
  • Happy talk and other disconnects
  • Being creative.

Course Director

Bev Legge


Venue information

Our short courses are run at a variety of venues in Central London. Information and directions can be found on our Contact Us page. Please check your Joining Instructions for your specific course venue.

Note that most of our short courses can also be run as In-Company events.

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A one-day course


  • 28 January 2020
  • 21 May 2020
  • 24 November 2020


A number of discounts are available

Delegate feedback:

“I enjoyed the course very much and would recommend it to others. I gained some useful skills to keep my writing fit for purpose. Bev was a really good tutor who gave lots of constructive criticism as well as pointing out the strengths in our writing.”

Sales and Marketing Officer, Microbiology Society

“Bev was very nice and good at giving practical tips. I enjoyed the focused tasks and writing exercises and have immediately gained some quick tricks to edit and strengthen existing copy.”

Marketing Assistant, Arcturus Publishing

“To be honest, I went into the course feeling that if half of what I learned was relevant to my needs, that would make it worth it. As it turned out, everything we were told by the tutor was insightful, helpful and immediately applicable. I learned how to fix common errors in my writing and how to generate better copy which focuses on the reader's need and mindset, rather than my own. The course attendees were also excellent. I learned from each of them and it was a wonderful, sharing and supportive environment. I really enjoyed it.”

Harvard University Press delegate

“The course was excellent. I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about the best ways of writing copy and what makes the difference between bad and good copy, both in terms of looks and in the content that I am writing. I will be able to apply the skills I have learnt to be faster, clearer and more accessible to my reader. I really enjoyed the course and would love to do another in the future, I feel this will really help with my career progression.”

Editorial Assistant, Institute of Publishing

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