Editing in Word: Time-savers & Tips

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Microsoft Word is a program that vast numbers of people use day in and day out, without ever unlocking its full potential. For editorial professionals in particular there are so many handy tricks that, once mastered, will make your working life a whole lot easier.

This module is for anyone involved in the preparation of texts on-screen. The techniques described are supplemented with invaluable time-saving tips and key advice to make your editing more effective and efficient.

Projected Content

  1. Word styles: formatting documents the easy way
  2. Demystifying templates
  3. Demystifying macros
  4. Find & Replace: turbo tips every editor should know
  5. Everyday time-savers: shorts cuts and Word tweaks
  6. Making Track Changes more user-friendly

e-Learning modules are optimised for desktop and laptop devices and not tablets and smartphones.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module you will:

  • copy-edit in Word in an effective and efficient way

How does the course work?

Editing in Word has six modules. Each module has self-test exercises, model answers, and quizzes for self-assessment. Completion of all secions of each module leads to your completion certificate being issued.

If you would like to register your interest in enrolling on this course please email us to be alerted once it is launched.

Study Time

Two to three hours for each of the six modules

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