Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Introduction to Editorial Skills: Course review

I work as a Digital Assistant at an educational publisher. My role includes proofreading and copy-editing documents and texts so Introduction to Editorial Skills seemed perfect to refresh and boost my existing skills to work more efficiently.

The course was split over two days, focusing on copy-editing one day and proofreading the next. However, it wasn’t a regimented structure and our tutor Caroline was sure to let us know that it was very much a discussion-based course, and therefore could be flexible if we felt that would be beneficial.

I found the course extremely useful. In particular, it was really valuable to talk to other people who work in different areas of publishing and interesting to see how everyone has their own system and does things differently. Caroline similarly highlighted that there isn’t one correct way to do something, as evident when we did a copy-editing exercise and everyone had made different changes and edits to the layout and body of the text.

All the delegates were able to contribute their own tips and tricks for working efficiently, some of which I have implemented into my own work. The experience has also helped me to distinguish the difference between proofreading and copy-editing, as I was unsure before. I have definitely been more concise when looking through different documents and texts. Thanks PTC!

Jaz Damen, Digital Assistant at Garnet Education, attended Introduction to Editorial Skills in December 2018. The face-to-face version has been replaced with the virtual version of Introduction to Editorial Skills.

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