Monday, 25 June 2018

Getting to Grips with People Management in Publishing

Lauren Newby of The History Press reports on her experience of the course.

The course title sounded promising to a relatively new manager, and when the programme for the two days arrived it didn’t disappoint; it was jam-packed, covering every aspect of management imaginable – from hiring and day-to-day people management, budgeting and time management, to the more challenging and less structured (and therefore scarier) parts of the job, such as managing change and driving innovation. The fact that the course was specifically designed for publishing professionals and taught by people with many years’ experience in publishing really stood out.

This was reflected in the delivery of the course; the business of publishing was at the heart of everything that was discussed. The small but thoughtful preparation exercises really helped to set the tone for the two days, and each topic was handled in a very balanced way: theoretical approaches, the legalities and the human element were all considered with equal weight. In every area I found something useful, and I came away feeling that I had added considerably to my manager ‘toolkit’.

Tutors, Clare Grist-Taylor and Nancy Roberts, were very knowledgeable, open and friendly, creating a relaxed atmosphere. They happily answered diverse questions, large and small, as well as encouraging contributions from all attendees. Plenty of time was allowed for informal group discussion and sharing of experiences, and despite the comprehensive programme, nothing felt rushed.

Perhaps my favourite feature of the course was the final section, in which we produced a structured personal development plan to apply what we had learnt. I found this exercise invaluable both at the time and since.

I returned to work feeling wiser, more confident and ready for anything. My thanks to both the tutors and PTC for this fantastic addition to their course programme!


Lauren Newby
Managing Editor
The History Press

Twitter: @newby_lauren
Lauren participated in Getting to Grips with People Management in Publishing in May 2018.

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